Today: false eyelashses and eye makeup

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

All she wanted was a pair of beautiful eyes, but the 31-year-old civil servant got more than she bargained for when her eyelash extension procedures went awry... Learn more from Dr Lee about the possible…

Singapore Women’s Weekly: can I travel after Lasik?

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

Can I take a flight after LASIK? Dr Lee is featured in this Ask The Expert column in Singapore Women's Weekly. Read more.  

Her World: eye care tips for women

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

The mad wealth of eye makeup products, fancy contact lenses, cool sunglasses frames all imply one common goal; we want to make our eyes attractive... Read on to learn more about eye care tips for…

Dr Lee Sao Bing radio interview on 938 LIVE

1 Oct 2011News

Dr Lee Sao Bing Radio Interview on 938 LIVE.  

Designare Homme: sunglasses and Lasik

1 Jul 2011News

Dr Lee and Dr See are interviewed in this article by Designare Homme. They speak about which type of sunglasses are good for your eyes and answer questions about LASIK. Read more.    

Shape: eye screening is important

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

Don't forget to go for eye screening. Cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration are eye diseases that can be picked up early and can help save your vision. Learn more from Dr Lee Sao Bing in…

Silver Lining: can seniors have Lasik done?

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

When is it too old for LASIK? Above 40, above 50 or above 60 years of age? Read on to find out more from Dr Lee Sao Bing. Read more.    

Parents World: first hand experience of Lasik

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

Editor of Parents World writes about his LASIK experience. Read more.  

Changes to our eyes as we age

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019, News

Dr Lee discusses the symptoms and treatment for a few common problems of the eyes when we get more senior: presbyopia, cataract, age-related macular degeneration. Read more.  

Speaking Engagement: Dr Lee Sao Bing gives a lecture in Korea

1 Jul 2010News

Dr Lee Sao Bing was invited to speak on his clinical experience in using the Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.