6 things you should know before going for Lasik – interview with Cleo

Last updated on 20 Jun 2023, News

Dr Lee Sao Bing was interviewed by CLEO regarding LASIK. He provides information that one should know before going for LASIK.

These are the common questions that many people have regarding LASIK:

(1) Can everyone go for LASIK?

No. Not everyone can have LASIK done. It is important to go through a pre-LASIK assessment to determine if you are suitable for LASIK. You may not be suitable if your myopia (short-sightedness) or astigmatism is too high or if your cornea is too thin. Some people are also found to have scars that are too thick or too large on their corneas from previous injuries or infection of the eye.

(2) How long does the surgery process take?

It takes 15 minutes per eye. The bulk of the time is spent on preparation steps, while the actual lasering of the eye takes only 10 to 30 seconds.

(3) The idea of having my eyes held open by an apparatus and pointed at with a laser sounds terrifying. How should I prepare myself for it?

It is a painless process as numbing eye drops will be applied prior to the procedure. It helps to speak to friends who have done it (and they will tell you that it is quick and painless procedure!). The important thing is to trust your doctor, listen and follow his instructions and you will be fine.

(4) Will I have perfect vision after LASIK? Or will my vision deteriorate again over time?

The aim is to achieve perfect vision. These days the chance of inaccuracy is very low as the lasers are fast and accurate and doctors know the surgery well, having years of experience with this procedure. Usually, myopia is stable in many adults, but there are still a few whose myopia will increase due to the great amount of near work (computer use, games on mobile devices) they do. This occurs regardless of whether they are spectacle wearers, contact lens wearers or whether they have had LASIK done. This means that one should still have good eye care habits after LASIK in order to maintain good vision.

(5) How long does the recovery take and is there anything I should take note of during that time?

Vision recovers very fast after LASIK. Most are able to drive by the next day and you can go back to work within two to three days. You can resume exercise such as jogging after one week and contact sports after one month.

(6) Any tips on how to find the right doctor for LASIK? What are the things that I should look out for before reaching a decision?

Go to a doctor who is reputable and who has years of experience doing LASIK. Go for the pre-LASIK assessment to find out if you are suitable. Meet the doctor who will be doing the surgery for you during this assessment. The doctor will discuss with you about your eyes and about the surgery. You will find it easy to reach a decision when your questions have been answered and you feel comfortable with the doctor.

And here’s more info about LASIK: https://shinagawa.com.sg/services/lasik-surg…