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About Shinagawa Eye Centre

Shinagawa Eye Centre has a long history of helping people with eye problems in Singapore. We have a full range of eye care services with advanced diagnostic and surgical devices available at our eye clinic. Our senior specialist eye doctor (Dr Lee Sao Bing and Dr Leslie Ang) have a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of eye conditions.


We believe in providing human touch throughout your eye care journey.

High Quality Care

The most important aspect of any health care facility is to have the human touch. Ask your friends who have been with us, they will tell you that we provide meticulous patient-care and understand your needs.

You’ll be glad to know that no information is hidden and no unnecessary surgery is performed. Patient Education Materials such as periodicals and videos are available at our clinic.

Experienced Eye Doctor

The eye specialists at our clinic, Dr Lee Sao Bing, are well-trained and well known; having spent years in Singapore National Eye Centre, National University Hospital and prestigious Eye Centres in USA and Canada.

Our eye surgeon have a wealth of experience to diagnose and treat various eye problems by prescribing different medications or performing eye surgery.

Advanced Medical Equipments

Shinagawa Eye Centre continually invests in modern equipment – both for diagnostic tests and surgical treatment. The AMARIS laser and the Avedro cross-linking devices are expensive high-end equipment to meet the needs of those undergoing LASIK surgery. Advanced intraocular lenses are available for those going for cataract surgery.

Our Centre offers a full range of services. Those who are well can undergo eye screening or pre-employment eye check-up. We provide examination and tests that can diagnose many different types of eye diseases and also medications and surgical treatment for various eye problems.

The luxurious setting of our Centre is complete with operating rooms, consultation rooms, private recovery and resting area designed to help patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Eye screening is essential to detect silent eye problems, like Glaucoma, that can affect your vision before you know it.

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Drinking plenty of water can prevent dehydration, which may reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.

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Pre-Lasik Suitability Assessment

Find out are you suitable candidate for laser surgery with a pre-lasik assessment today. Call us to enquire or book an appointment today.

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