Is It Safe to Go Through the LASIK Procedure While I’m Pregnant?

12 Jul 2023FAQs

Are you interested in LASIK surgery but expecting a baby or hoping to be pregnant soon? If so, you’re probably asking, “Is LASIK safe during pregnancy?”

As it happens, the question of whether or not a woman can get LASIK during pregnancy is a topic of concern in the medical field. This is understandable because pregnant women have to consider not just their own health but that of their baby.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ll explore the topic of LASIK and pregnancy today. From the potential risks to the expert recommendations, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the safety of this elective procedure when combined with pregnancy.Is-it-Safe-to-go-through-the-Lasik-Procedure-While-Im-Pregnant-img1.png

Can I get LASIK if I’m pregnant?

So, can you get LASIK while pregnant? To put things simply, no, it may not be the best idea to get LASIK eye surgery if you’re pregnant.

To be sure, studies actually have not provided conclusive evidence that LASIK eye surgery poses serious risk to the health of pregnant patients or their babies. However, LASIK is still an elective surgical procedure.

This matters because the rule of thumb in medicine is for pregnant women to avoid elective procedures. Normally, elective procedures are postponed until after the delivery of the baby.

While part of this is to protect the baby, some of it also has to do with ensuring the well-being of the patient getting the procedure. Among other things, performing LASIK during pregnancy can actually lead to undesirable outcomes for your vision, especially post-pregnancy.Is it Safe to go through the Lasik Procedure While I'm Pregnant - img2

Is LASIK safe during pregnancy? 

LASIK isn’t recommended for pregnant clients because certain risks may enter the picture.

For example, we said before that getting LASIK during pregnancy can lead to undesirable outcomes for your vision. This is because the hormonal changes during pregnancy can alter your vision in themselves.

Some pregnancy hormones can actually increase the amount of fluid you retain. This retention can cause changes in the shape of the cornea, which causes changes in your vision.

Because this is a temporary change – one that typically lasts for as long as the pregnancy hormones last – trying to do a permanent correction for it through LASIK could be an error.

Moreover, there are always concerns about the medication you may have to take for surgical procedures. These can enter your bloodstream and thus, your baby’s bloodstream.

While a lot of the sedatives and antibiotics used for procedures like LASIK are considered safe for the most part, the potential effects they have on a developing baby are still unknown.

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Learn more about LASIK and your options during pregnancy

The notes above should show you that it’s crucial for pregnant or planning-to-be-pregnant women to consult a qualified medical professional before trying to schedule a LASIK procedure. The risks to both the woman and baby should be considered in the decision.

You can have a thorough consultation with our doctors to determine LASIK is right for you at this time. We can walk you through your options based on your circumstances.

And if you have more questions or concerns about LASIK or eye care during pregnancy, talk to us and we can help clarify matters. Call us to enquire or book an appointment for a pre-LASIK assessment today.